Terms & Conditions

By using our services you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

Payments and Refunds:

Deposits paid to OmanTripper are confirmation of the trip and are non-refundable; we go through a lot of effort and planning to prepare and share trip details and make all the necessarily arrangements. Receiving a deposit means blocking the date(s) in our calendars.

However, in exceptional circumstances where cancellation can be justified, deposit may be refunded minus a 15% fee. By sending a deposit to OmanTripper you are confirming your acceptance of this condition.

Where a customer has paid the full tour payment in advance, customer is eligible for refund minus a 25% fee (on total payment received) if cancelled up to 48 hours prior to tour starting time, and refund minus a 35% fee (on total payment received) if cancelled within 48 hours of tour starting time.

Requirements for Participating in OmanTripper Tours:

Touring with OmanTripper and outdoor activities in Oman, including but not limited to visiting mountains, trekking, walking in wadis, abseiling and climbing involves inherent dangers including but not limited to: climbing over rocks, swimming in deep pools, slippery surfaces, loose rocks, crossing water streams, possible wildlife encounters and extreme weather conditions. The guide (whether myself or my affiliates) will take utmost care to ensure your safety and security during the trip; however, it is ultimately each person’s responsibility for their own personal safety and security, and we are not responsible for any accidents or injuries during a walk/hike. OmanTripper assumes absolutely no responsibility, including but not limited to injury or loss of any kind due to the participation in its tours. By participating you agree to these conditions. If weather conditions indicate that the activity can be dangerous (i.e. possibility of a flash flood), the guide will make a judgment whether to continue or abandon the trip to ensure safety of everyone, and where possible adjust the itinerary accordingly.