Oman Itineraries

Ever since I started OmanTripper, I would often get emails by visitors asking for sample itineraries to travel around Oman for X days. It is not straightforward answering such a question, as it highly depends on the preference of the visitors, but most importantly it takes me quite a bit of time and effort to prepare a good itinerary, and it often leads to many follow-up questions. Even-though I strive to answer all emails the emails I receive, sometimes it is just not physically possible for me to dedicate so much time for this; therefore, I have decided to place some of the Oman Itineraries I have prepared in the past and emailed to visitors here – I hope you find them useful!

I recommend you read my ‘Oman Travel Planner‘ post diving in the itineraries samples below, as it will give you a general ideas of some of my locations and attractions I can recommend covering in each region.