Muscat Treks: Aint Trek – Muttrah Corniche Views

Muscat Treks Series – in this series I will be writing about some of the treks and unmarked trails in and around Muscat – ones that can be completed in a relatively short time making them ideal as an easy weekend outdoor activity or a post-work trek for anyone living in Muscat. For similar posts of this series check out my post on Sa’al Mountain , Fanja Tabletop Mountain & Ruwi Mountains Trek. Now, onto Aint Trek!Aint Trek (مسار عينت الجبلي) is mountain trail off the village of Aint in Muscat. The trek is completely unmarked and takes you up the mountains along the Muscat coastline, with stunning panoramic views of Muttrah Corniche and Port Sultan Qaboos as well as the surrounding hills and mountains. Aint Trek is a short and not-very-challenging trek with rewarding views of Muttrah from a different angle, making making it a great weekend or post-work activity idea!

Aint Trek takes you to the mountains separating Darsait from the Port area, and the views are really gorgeous especially if you make it there around sunset, as you will get to see an almost unobstructed views of Port Sultan Qaboos, Muttrah Corniche, and even Riyam Park and the giant Frankincense Burner! The trek is unmarked and may be difficult to follow at various parts, but you basically just need to go up the mountains towards the East (you can download my trek file in Google Earth compatible file below), where there is a flat area with views of Muttrah, the coastline as well as Aint village itself. The trek is not challenging, but the loose and jagged rocks (typical of this part of Muscat coastline) means you should be extremely careful when you climb up not to lose your footing or cut your hand or legs on some of the rocks. You can come back either straight back through Aint or from the coastline – the complete Aint Trek took us about 2 hrs with just over 3 km distance (including time taken for photos).

Aint Trek Considerations & Trek File:

As I mentioned, you will need to be careful with the loose and sharp rocks, and depending on which part of the mountains you decide to ascend, Aint Trek could be steep and tiring at parts. Suitable footwear should be won, ideally hiking boots but tennis shoes will also do (if you don’t the probability of them them getting damaged due to the sharp rocks), and make sure to have enough water on you. You may download the map of my trek here as .kml file (compatible with Google Earth), as recorded using my Garmin Watch – but please note that we took probably the worst paths in both going connecting from the village (went straight up the mountain instead of following the flat area 10m further down the last house), and went through the steep part of the mountains – but it gives you an idea.

Finally, please also keep in mind the area is actually quite a traditional neighborhood of Muscat, with it actually being a predominately fishing village. With the start and end of the trek going in front of the a whole line of residents’ houses, who are most likely not used to a lot of foreigners, I highly recommend observing the local customs in terms of clothing. In addition, try to avoid taking photos or cameras of the houses as some might get offended if you do so  – especially if you are at the start of the trek at higher elevation where some may mistakenly think you are invading their privacy. Keeping all of that in mind, you will unlikely face any issues so just go there and enjoy 🙂

How to get to Aint Village:

Aint village is located on the Muscat coastline within wilayat Muttrah. It is easily accessible by just taking the exit to Darsait from Bab Al Mathaib Street (which connects to Muttrah and the corniche) – it is approximately 20 kms drive from Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.

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