Al-Hazm Castle

Al-Hazm Castle (حصن الحزم) in Rustaq at Batinah region, is one of the most magnificent castles in Oman. It had been under renovation by the Ministry of Tourism for a few years and was recently re-opened to the public with modern electronic guides and exhibits that make a visit to this castle a must-do to anyone coming to Rustaq.

Al-Hazm Castle was built around the beginning of the 18th century towards the end of the reign of Al-Yarubi tribe over Oman when they made Rustaq the capital of their state. Al-Yarubi tribe is most famously known for removing the Portuguese from Oman. They are also responsible for constructing a number of significant Omani forts and castles including Nizwa Fort and Jabreen Castle.

The difference between Nizwa Fort and Jabreen Castle on one side and Al-Hazm Castle on the other side demonstrates the shift in the construction of Omani forts designed to withstand gun attacks, to Omani forts designed to withstand cannon attacks, with Al-Hazm being the more technologically advanced structure. The construction of the castle is unique among other Omani forts and castles in the fact that no wood was used in the construction of its ceilings. Al-Hazm Castle sits somewhat between Nizwa Fort and Jabreen Castle in being a fortified structure, but also a palace in which the Imam resided. Therefore, even though it was designed primarily for defense purposes, it still features numerous delicate artistic architectural elements. It is worth noting that Al-Hazm Castle is on the UNESCO tentative list for World Heritage Sites along with Rustaq Fort.

Al-Hazm Castle has a square shape with two giant cylindrical cannon towers on the north and south corners of the castle. The first prominent feature of the main building of the castle is its intricate Indian wood gate. The castle also hosts the tombs of two Yarubi imams, a prison, a Quran classroom, and crosses the path of a falaj. The castle also showcases some unique engravings and architectural designs that are not seen in other castles such as those found in the cannon exhibition room in the castle tower.

Al-Hazam Castle is one of the most recently renovated castles in Oman and is equipped with digital guides and detailed descriptions of the exhibits. It is definitely one of the must-visit Omani castles in our opinion. It is located 160 kms away from Muscat and can be easily found by following the signs in Rustaq. The castle is open from Saturday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm and on Friday from 8am to 11am, entry fee for adults is 0.5 OMR and kids enter for free.

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Very well worth a visit and one of the best castles in Oman with so much to see inside. Audio guide and good audio visual displays really bring the castle and its history to life. It also houses some unique exhibits, gathered from other castles in Oman, including a very impressive collection of antique cannons.

Thanks for sharing your impressions Peter, and glad that you enjoyed the visit. That is indeed what we like most about the castle, and why we recommend many visitors to go there!


The audio for the tour is a must, it’s really informative and quite good fun. This is a fantastic castle and well worth a visit (much better than Nizwa, Nakhal and Rustaq). Not in any tourist books I have seen so go before the secret is out.

Hi Phil,

Thanks for sharing your experience, I like Al Hazm Castle a lot as well, and along with Jabreen, I consider them some of the best two forts/castles to visit 🙂


Hi, thanks for your posts, indispensable information for someone new to Oman. I’ve been trying to find out where Al Mansoor Castle is, the MoT South Batinah Guide says that it’s near Al Hazm Castle, around 20km to the East. However, I can’t find any more information. Can you help?

Hi Tom!
Thanks for the nice words. I do not have any information about Al Mansoor Castle, but I have heard the name before and it is somewhere I want to explore in the future. Once I do that, I will write about it or email you with more information (if you haven’t visited by then). Sorry can’t be of more help!


again Ali, you gave us information not available in guidebooks!

I agree that this is a must-see castle. The audio-guide and displays are excellent. Once again our visit was made special by the friendly and informative Omani custodian. Visiting Al Hamza makes an interesting contrast with the brutality of Bahla fort.

Happy to hear that Susan 🙂 Al HAzam is another one of my favorite castles. Bahla is massive and was used more for defensive needs rather than a place of rule, which explains the different feel there. It still has its charm.


Wonderful Fort/Castle. Today was my 3rd visit and I never tire of it. Nice custodian, very hospitable with cawah and dates.

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