Oman Photowalk Series: Birkat Al Mouz & Harat Al Sibani

Information and photos about Birkat Al Mouz (بركة الموز) in Nizwa, Al Dakhiliyah region of Oman – a town at the foothills of Jabal Akhdar

Oman Photowalk Series is a new series of posts I am start at OmanTripper in order to share some of the many many photos I take during my trips around Oman, and which I never get a chance to post. It will also give me a chance to provide some basic information on the places I post on my social media channels instead of having the draft posts languishing on my ‘to do list’ for ages.. so let us start with my visit to the beautiful Birkat Al Mouz and Harat Al Sibani

Birkat Al Mouz (بركة الموز) is a small town in wilayat Nizwa in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate of Oman. Birkat Al Mouz is a located at the foothills of Jabal Akhdar (الجبل الأخضر), so everyone who is going to Jabal Akhdar ends up passing through must pass to go through. Many just pass by it without stopping, although it is definitely worth a stop on its as it has quite a few attractions that are worth visiting which you can combine with your visit to Jabal Akhdar, or simply on your way to Nizwa!

Al Ya’aribah Mosque (مسجد اليعاربة) built in 1649, can be considered as one of the oldest mosques in Oman and has Falaj Al Khatmain (فلج الخطمين) passing through it. There are a few private stalls/rooms just outside the mosque where there is access to the falaj, allowing locals to bathe or wash from it. Just near the Al Ya’aribah Mosque, there Bait Al Ridaydah Castle (حصن بيت الرديدة). A short-walk from the mosque towards the palm farms will lead you to the old part of Birkat Al Mouz, known locally as Harat Al Sibani (حارة السيباني), which means ‘neighborhood of the Sibani family‘. The old neighborhood has numerous old houses, ruins interwined with newer houses – the oldest part of them is at the hills overlooking the farms, where you could walk through and reach the semi-demolished tower for a nice overview.

The name Birkat Al Mouz literally means ‘Banana Pool’ in Arabic – shout out to my friend Paulina who popularized the name, and definitely check out her post on it with some stunning photos (even though it is written in Polish)

Birkat Al Mouz Gallery

I ended up not using my camera at all when I visited Birkat Al Mouz – so I am only uploading my phone photos for now. Quite ironic to be honest considering this is the very first post on the ‘Oman Photowalk Series’, but alas…

How to Reach Birkat Al Mouz & Harat Al Sibani

Birkat Al Mouz is about 130 km away from Muscat, and can be reached by taking the Al Dakhiliyah highway towards Nizwa.

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