Muscat Treks: Yenkit, Muscat’s Very Own Fjord!

Muscat Treks Series in this series I will be writing about some of the treks and unmarked trails in and around Muscat, ones that can be completed in a relatively short time making them ideal as an easy weekend outdoor activity or a post-work trek for anyone living in Muscat. For similar posts of this series check out my posts on Aint TrekFanja Tabletop MountainMuttrah GeoTrekSa’al MountainSidab Coastal Trek, and Ruwi Mountains Trek. Now, let’s talk about Yenkit!

Yenkit Trek (مسار ينكت) is a path (or shall I a say a pseudo-trek, if you decide to drive – more on that later) that takes you to the view-point along the beautiful ‘fjord’ jutting out of Muscat’s stunning coastal road with Yenkit village (قرية ينكت) at the end of it. Yenkit itself is a small village on the Eastern side of Muscat, nestled just off the road that takes you further on to Sifah (the further-most drivable distance along the coastal road). Yenkit is a small and very easy to miss if you are driving along, as you would be likley just noticing the few houses along the road and the fishing boats off the beach; however, Yenkit trek itself gets you to some really gorgeous landscapes that are well worth exploring!

The ‘fjord’ at Yenkit can be reached from either side, the left (what I will refer to as the Yenkit Western Side) or the right (what I will refer to as the Yenkit Eastern Side) – both are fantastic but offer different views, and even thought I have visited a number of times I still have not explored the full length of the ‘fjord’ to fully appreciate all the good spots.

I also like to add that with Yenkit’s Fjord, we have our very own little piece of ‘Norway of Arabia‘ right here in Muscat 😀

Yenkit Trek Considerations

As you’d likely see on the google maps link, it might be a little bit of a stretch from my side to call this the Yenkit Trek, as it looks quite possible to ‘drive‘ all the way to the view-points although the road gets very bumpy and is not often maintained, but where is the fun in that especially if you like to get some exercise done! Having said all of that, if you decide to hike just keep in mind that you might see the odd car driving past and this is often people who like to camp/picnic (especially at the Yenkit Eastern Side) or people from their area going to their houses as there are a few houses already built at the Yenkit Western Side area.

Keep also in mind that at both sides (Western & Eastern) there is a ‘gate’ that is always lifted up – I am not sure why it is placed there as I understand the area to be a public area with no private ownership (If anyone knows, please comment so I can update this info).

As for the treks themselves, I would not describe either of them as challenging (nor exciting until you reach the view-points) as you are literally just walking along/off the graded road in the area – and except for the big hill to traverse at the beginning of Yenkit Eastern Side, there isn’t that much elevation change. Considering the locations where we parked the cars for either hike (as indicated in Google Maps link below), either of the two treks can be done in <5km total round-trip.

However, for either trek, please be aware that there is no shelter so you are exposed to the sun completely, and that you do end up getting quite close to some steep cliffs with unstable rocks. Therefore, I would advise you to stay hydrated, have adequate sun-cover/hat & be very careful near the edges – also please keep very close watch on your children if you decide to take them with you.

Neither trek takes you near a suitable beach from what I saw, you could scramble down to the water-line but it is quite rocky that we did not attempt to swim from there. However, taking a SUP Board here would be absolutely amazing – something that I really hope to try myself!

And for your packing considerations:

  • Good footwear, some rocks can be sharp.
  • Drinking water
  • Sunscreen and sun-hat/sun-protection – as it is going to be hot walking under the sun as there is no shade throughout the trek
  • Picnic considerations if you intend to maximize your trip (but please, PLEASE, collect the rubbish after yourself!).
  • Spare rubbish bags to collect any rubbish you see. Unfortunately, there is a LOT of rubbish littered especially at the Yenkit Eastern Side, as it seems it is a very popular ‘picnic spot’ for some irresponsible people who just leave all their rubbish there.. *sigh*

You may download my treks as recorded by my Garmin watch here:

How to Reach Yenkit

Yenkit can be reached in about 40 mins from Muscat (note: I am considering driving time from Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque). You would need a 4WD if you decide to try and drive further up to the view-points. If you don’t want to drive off-road then for either of the two treks (Eastern or Western sides), I recommend you park your car just off the main road.

Camping & Photography Tours at Yenkit

I have a friend from a nearby village who organizes photography tours and even camping at the most stunning locations in and around Yenkit. If this is something that you fancy to try during your trip to Oman, then do contact me for more information.

Yenkit Gallery

4 replies on “Muscat Treks: Yenkit, Muscat’s Very Own Fjord!”

Hi! We are three Belgian cyclists who are currently travelling by bike in Oman. Now comes the last part of our trip, from Sur to Muscat. We have our own tent and camp in the wild if possible. Our last night we camp is planned in our around Yenkit. Do have a good camp spot for us? Your pictures look amazing! We are also interested in some good snorkeling spots, so if you can help us, we would be very grateful 🙂 kind regards Maxim

Hello Maxim,
I don’t have a specific camp spot location at Yenkit in mind to be honest, but you should be able to find some spots overlooking the ‘fjord’ where it is flat ground. I suggest you get there with enough day-light hours to be able to find a good camping spot 🙂

fantastic info brother , scuttle yet detailed ,such amazing pictures and i think you should add videos too . thank you for such lovely display of information , if i have to get info or the camping conatct i can message or email you where ?

Thanks, if only I had enough time (and energy) to do everything I should be doing for this blog (sigh). It should be possible to camp at Yenkit, as long as you are sufficiently away from the houses/villages, it is a popular thing to do. You can email me also, and I am happy to connect with you a friend of mine from the area who helps with camping etc.

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