Said bin Taimur Mosque

Sultan Said bin Taimur Mosque

The Mosque of Sultan Said bin Taimur (commonly known as Said bin Taimur Mosque -جامع السلطان سعيد بن تيمور) is one of the most breathtaking architectural landmarks in Oman and one of the most significant mosques built in Oman in recent times. This mosque was constructed through the private financing of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said in memory of his late father Sultan Said bin Taimur and it was first opened in the year 1999.

Sultan Said bin Taimur Mosque

Said bin Taimur Mosque is built in the architectural style of Ottoman mosques and looks very reminiscent of the Sultanahmet Mosque and the Hagia Sofia of Turkey. The mosque stands imposed on the backdrop of the mountains of Muscat in the buzzing heart of Al Khuwair. The mosque features a number of copper-coloured domes and two 50 meters high minarets.

Sultan Said bin Taimur Mosque

The interior of the mosque is colorful, intricate and makes delicate use of natural lighting during daytime. The interior is unique among other modern Omani mosques in its brave usage of bright colors such as pink, turquoise, and cream in the symmetrical radial patterns in its ceiling and the inner columns. The main hall also features many small tinted glass windows, two rows of chandeliers on the side columns of the main prayer hall, and a grand central chandelier.

Sultan Said bin Taimur Mosque

Though ostensibly small from the outside, Said bin Taimur Mosque accommodate up to 2,200 worshippers. It also has a designated prayer hall for women, a library, and a small Quran teaching school.

Sultan Said bin Taimur Mosque

Unlike the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and other more recent Royal Mosques, Said bin Taimur Mosque is not open to non-Muslims. However, it is still possible for anyone to walk around the yard and garden outside the mosque to enjoy the view of the mosque. Visitors are expected to dress modestly even if they are not going to enter the actual mosque.

Sultan Said bin Taimur Mosque

Said bin Taimur Mosque is located in Al Khuwair 33 district. If you are coming from the traffic lights near Ibis Hotel, drive towards Al Khuwair market, and take the right turn instantly before Radisson Blu Hotel. The Sultan bin Taimur Mosque will greet you the moment you pass the bridge above that road.

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Hi, We live very close to this mosque and I would be very interested in visiting it, especially after seeing your beautiful photos. Can a non-Muslim go inside? Thanks!

Hi… My name is name Nabeel mustafa. I’m from Pakistan. Now here in oman. I like this masjid very much . Many time I go for prayer in this masjid… I want to join maintenance team of this masjid. Kindly anyone can help.

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