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QuickTrip: Wadi Dima

Wadi Dima (6)

Wadi Dima (وادي دما) is a wadi located in Wilayat Dima Wa Al Tayeen in Al Sharqiyah region of Oman. This wadi along with Wadi Al Tayeen merge and eventually feed into Wadi Dhayqah Dam in Qurayat.

We visited Wadi Dima for a BBQ trip and not a trek, therefore we did not explore it properly. Our time at the wadi was pleasant. This place makes for a nice picnic spot with its water pools and smooth rocks as long as you manage find a shaded spot.

Wadi Dima (2)

We will let the pictures speak for themselves, and hope to explore Wadi Dima further in the future.

Wadi Dima (3)Wadi Dima (4)Wadi Dima (7)

How to get to Wadi Dima:

Take the Dakhiliya route from Muscat and before reaching Samail take a turn towards signboards directing you to Ibra. Now you have entered the Wadi Al Aaq road, and from there you should see a signboard to take you to to Dima Wa Al Tayeen which is off the looped road, check Goolge maps below:

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Have you been to Dima Wa Al Tayeen? What did you think of it? Are there any unique attractions you saw?

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Do you need 4×4 vehicle to reach this Dima Wa Al Tayeen? Water is available on all days or only during particular season? Could you pl elaborate?


Hi there,

You will need a 4×4 to reach Wadi Dima Wa Al Tayeen, I am not sure how long the water is around but from the small waterfalls we saw I would guess its there throughout the year, just at different levels.
Hope that helps!

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