Wakan Village

Located 2,000 meters above sea level and in the Western Hajar Mountains is Wakan village (قرية وكان), a small mountain village with beautiful terraced gardens overlooking the surrounding mountains above and Wadi Mistal below. Wakan village is officially part of Wilayt Nakhal in the South Batinah Governorate, although its located right in the border with Al Dakhiliyah Governorate through Al Hajar mountain range.

A viewing platform is the first sight that greets you as soon as you enter the village. It offers spectacular views of Wadi Mistal (وادي مستل) and the surrounding mountains. There is also a visitors information center building which is still not opened. From there you can exploring this beautiful village by foot. There are a couple of hiking tracks that start at the village, and they are marked by the familiar yellow, green and red flag that mark most hiking tracks in Oman.

The track that goes through the village is the easiest and most accessible, compromising 700 steps across the terraced gardens and along a falaj stream ending at the watch tower at the top of the village. The walk takes less than 30 minutes in one direction with several observation points and rest stops. There is also a track (trail number W24a/W25) that connects Wakan village to Al Jabal Al Akhdar in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate as well as the village of Hadash (حدش) – that is hike that will take several hours and you can read about it on the Wakan-Hadsh Hike post.

The inhabitants of Wakan rely on farming and agriculture for their livelihood and the first thing you will notice once you reach Wakan is the beautiful terraced gardens which are used to cultivate pomegranates, apricots, grapes and other produce. Depending on the season, you may have the experience of seeing beautiful apricot flowers in full bloom and the butterflies feeding on them. However, please should remember not to pick any fruits and vegetables as the villagers depend on them for their livelihood. Please also note that you should stick with the designated path when exploring the village and its surroundings, as the tracks pass through villagers homes and their privacy should be respected.

We really loved Wakan and thought it is a wonderful place to visit, that makes you wonder for a second if you’re still in Oman! The weather is great, and can probably get quite cold (relatively speaking of course) during winters. We have been several times since our first visit (which you may guess with the photos showing the village at different seasons) and will keep going back 🙂 What about you – have you visited Wakan Village? What did you think of it?

Places To Stay

Only villagers live up in Wakan and we doubt there are any guesthouses/hostels in the tiny village! Best to go there on a day trip while also exploring Nakhal/Al Rustaq area!

How to get to Wakan Village

Wakan is about 150 kms from Muscat, and can be reached from Nakhal by taking the turn to Wadi Mistal on the Nakhal-Awabi road. The paved road continues for a few kilometers before turning to graded road, although an extension of the paved road is almost complete and should be opened soon. The graded road leads up to Al Ghubrah Bowl, which also contains signs to the various villages in the area. From here Wakan village can be seen high up in the mountains. The path to Wakan is on a narrow and steep mountainous road and should only be attempted in a 4WD car.

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Believe me, it DOES get quite cold. I spent a night there with the family of one of my former students and I don’t think I’ve ever been so cold in Oman. Granted, it was wintertime, but I nearly froze. But loved every minute of this remarkably beautiful village and its lovely inhabitants!

That is amazing, the village must have a really unique feeling in winter. We would love to try camping there during winter sometime, just for the chills 😀

How to reach wakan from muscat, please provide the location and what are the things we should check out in wakan, Please guide.

cool, may i ask question, if someone wants to settle in this wonderful place is it OK, what do you recommend? what kind of jobs available? thank you & best regards.

After reading your article, I went there yesterday with a friend of mine … I was so happy to see such a beautiful village, super friendly people and fascinating sceneries … Thanks a lot for sharing such great places with us, very pleased to see the hidden gems of Oman through your blog. Keep up the good work.

Very glad you enjoyed the visit Abdalla, and thank you so much for the support 🙂 We hope to write about few other beautiful places we visited soon!

this article is really great.. pictures are awesome… nice post… just want to ask… if it is possible to camp there the night before trekking to the higher ground in the next morning? if we could pitch our tent somwhere in wakan village and spend the night. thanks a lot. cheers!

Hi Sherwin, I don’t think there are good camping spots in the village itself; however, I have heard of people camping just after the walking path going further up. I haven’t personally gone beyond the walking path during my visit, but its certainly worth exploring. Just remember you will have to carry all your stuff with you as it is not vehicle accessible 😉

I read another article where it stated that the sun rises at 11am and sets at 2:30 pm. During this month of Ramadhan 2022, they are reportedly fasting for about 3 hours only. Kindly elaborate on the same

I am not sure where the article got its facts from. Wakan is a mountain village and about 2,000m above sea level, so sunrise and sunset times will indeed affected by changes of elevation, but its a factor of minutes only and definitely not 3 hours of fasting!

I am not aware of anyone considering those estimates to use for fasting hours.

Hope this helps

Hi. Thanks for this post about your trip in Wakan. You mentioned that Wakan Village is 2000m above sea level. this altitude is almost the same as that of Jebel Akhdar. How is the driving going up Wakan Village…is it similar way like that of Jebel Akhdar? Are the roads very steep or just gradual change in elevation? Im planning to visit the place in the near future…because the way you described it here in your post is that it is an amazing place. Looking forward to hear from you…

Hey Ric.
I am glad you liked the post and I hope you find the information useful.
In my opinion it is more difficult to drive to Wakan compared to Jabal Akhdar. This is mostly because the road is graded and very narrow. I can’t really tell how tdoes it compare to Jabal Akhdar in terms of steepness, I remember only the last stretch of the road getting quite steep. Either way you shouldn’t have a problem as long as you take a 4×4 🙂

Dear Ali,
Thanks for the wonderful article,, we don’t have proper 4*4, but we have AWD vehicles,, Honda CRV and Kia Sportage (no high and low ratio gears). Can we still go or do we need to have proper 4 wheel like Prado or Pajero ?


Hi Deepak,

Thank you, glad you like the article. I think an AWD can probably make it through to Wakan village, depending on how comfortable you are with taking your car there and pushing its limits. The reason you need a 4WD is that the road is really steep and you might have to go through some uneven gravel roads. I would personally not take an AWD car there, and if I have to I’d make sure to go with a group that at least has one 4WD drive just in case.

Hope that helps 🙂


Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Check my response to Deepak above 🙂

And thanks, I was very lucky to have amazing clouds during my visit 🙂


I’m planning to visit Wakan Village as part of a day trip at the end of the month driving from Muscat. What other spots can I conveniently get to either by driving or walking to combine with Wakan Village? Jabal Shams? or Wadi Abyadh? Is there a suggested order to do this? Ideally I’d set off early in the morning and head back to Muscat by the time the sun comes down.

Hi Usama,

It really depends on how much time you’re planning to spend in Wakan. But you are most likely able to combine it with a trip to Nakhal and/or Rustaq. And if you really want to cramp lots of stuff in one day, maybe you can even drive through Wadi Bani Awf as well.

My recommendation would be to get to Wakan nice and early, and take your time exploring the village. If you find you still have time once you left Wakan, you can head to Nakhal or Rustaq and see some of the forts/hot springs there, or if you prefer a wadi go to to Wadi Al Abyad.

Hope that helps 🙂

I would like to know when the exact season time to visit here. Last December I visited here but unfortunately was not able to see any fruits because it was autumn season there.

Hi Shiju,

We went there in April in our visit and that’s when they had apricots and pomegranates. I’d say somewhere between Feb-March as it will be ‘spring’ there is probably the best time to visit.


Hi, I love your pictures. I came here last year exactly the same as your picture. My kids looked from the viewing platform over Wadi Mistal. It was during April and the weather was cool. The views were unbelievable and we were invited to come into one of the villager’s houses in Wakan village because it was raining inside. Lovely Omani hospitality. Such delightful people. We brought lots of sweets with us and the kids came running from the houses. It was a lot of fun! I recommend this day-trip for anywhere in the Muscat area. Only 2 hours drive.

Great review, I’m taking a bunch of us up there in two weeks to do the W25,24a & 24b trail. (Going to be a long day walking!) Can I ask is it possible to camp somewhere around Wukan? We can base out of Hadash if there are better prospects there? Many thanks for any info.

You’re most welcome. Unfortunately, I haven’t camped there myself so can’t really tell. I understood from some friends that its possible to camp somewhere off the trekking path once you’ve passed the village, but not sure where it is. I know that another of my friends camped at Hadash the times he went there. Sorry can’t be of much help, and hope you have a fantastic time there!

Great to hear you planning to do the W25,24a & 24b trail. I’m planning to do it next April. I’d appreciate your feedback on the hike – eg. level of difficulty, trail times, route finding. Thanks.

Thanks for the info alimsk, turns out the trip got delayed so I’ll be able to do a recce this weekend before taking everyone up there in two weeks.

Hi , I’ve read in a web site that it’s only 3.5 hours of day time in your place , is that true ? Thanks

hi Yaqoob,
We are planing to visit place with my family on eid holidays from sharjah.
is it a good season so that we can see the fruit-cultivation.

i am owning a HONDA CRV, AWD is it ok ?

MY mobile # 00971-50-4914735.


Hi Adil,

Yes! Its a nice village to walk around and the terrace walk through the gardens is suitable for kids (with supervisor) – keep in mind there are plenty of stairs so strollers might be an issue.


Hi saw all the reviews and I m really excited to visit the place can u tell me if august is a good time to visit here…?

very Nice blog just found out as i was looking around For Some info. on Al Wakan Village.
must say pictures taken of all the other places including al Wakan is amazing.

I visited this place last 2days and it was fantastic. the road now reaches near the village however you need a 4×4(must). there allots of place to visit in Oman.

I stay in Muscat city and I’m planning to visit Waken village, can anybody pls. answer, as of 4th Feb 2015, up to what distance black top road is open for travelling and how much distance do i have to travel off-road to reach Waken village.

Hi, After reviewing your blog I planned a trip to this Wakan village in these EID holidays. Unfortunately or should I say fortunately I couldn’t arrange a four wheeler. So myself and my friends decided to park our car at the end of the proper road and dared to climb the steep road. Believe it or not it was one of the toughest walk of my life..Halfway through the walk we thought of giving up but the people who returned, gave enough water and snacks to keep our hopes raised. When we reached the top we feel like we have achieved an accomplishment which we will keep in our hearts all through our life. The Village was beautiful .It was worth the effort we put in. And The people are so friendly. At the Wakan village there is only one shop a small one but we have to appreciate his friendly and Kind nature. All through the village the Omanis are very friendly and Kind. After finishing our tour we thought to get a lift to reach the bottom. But the heavens have other plans. There was heavy rain so we took shelter in the shop. The cloud and the cool breeze with tiny water falls changed our mind to have another walk down the road. That walk was such a pleasant surprise for us with cool climate and breeze that make our walk even more sweet.So If anyone don’t have a four wheeler don’t drop your plans You might have something to achieve at the Unexplored beautiful Wakan village…….


i own a HONDA CRV,AWD..

From the reviews it is clear that we must have a 4WD.

how long it will take to reach by walking?

i am living in SHARJAH. 00971-50-4914735

Which is the right season to visit?

I plan to visit Wakan Village this week with some of my friends. I have only 2WD car and most of my friends have 4WD car. My friends said you may go with 2WD car and park your car once reaching the mountain and go up with their 4WD car but I a little bit doubt regarding there will be safe parking area before the mountain where I can park my car safely. Please advise so I can plan my travelling well.

Hi Dian,
Honestly, I haven’t been to Wakan for a while now so I can’t tell if the road has changed from before. There are certainly spots you can leave your car before the steep ascent up to the village, I wouldn’t say there are designated parking spots, but you might be OK leaving it at the side of the road – after all its Oman and it would be extraordinary and unheard of to have your car broken-into! Still, if you’re worried about it I’d suggest you try to get a ride with your friends from the start 🙂


Hi ALi – I know it’s been so many years ago – but maybe since then you’ve visited Wakan Village again. Please tell me – on the map it seems like I could just drive up by 2wd car to a certain spot and then walk to the village itself. The walk seems to be around 45min. Is that true? Could I just leave the car by the road? Has anything changed since back then? I am pretty sure its safe to leave the car anywhere as long as it does not disturb anybody right? Please let me know.

Hi Marcin,

Indeed, you can drive quite a distance before needing to get to the steep off-road section to take you up to Wakan. There is actually a ‘parking’ area just before the road starts going up where you could leave your car before heading up, or otherwise anywhere that you are not blocking anyone’s home/car/etc should be fine!

Hope you managed to visit! I actually have a couple of numbers for people in the area offering 4WD rides up to the village, get in touch by email if you’d like to connect with them.


Hi. My wife, daughters and I visited Wakan a few years ago now when it was quite quiet and there seemed to be very few visitors. It seemed very remote indeed at that time (even by Omani standards) and not too easy to get to, as one had to have a 4WD vehicle to cross the Ghubra Bowl and access the far village by a quite hairy, cliff-hanging, one way track / road. Quite a relief to not meet another speeding vehicle on the way along that narrow road. The locals were very welcoming (I hope they have not become tired of tourists by now).
We purchased the complete stock of crisps/potato chips from the smallest shop in the Sultanate (run by a ten year old boy) as we were so hungry. The walk up the tracks were wonderful and there appeared to be an empty accomodation building half way up but not sure if it got used or what facilities were on site. Several men insisted we go to their various houses for coffee/dates and it was difficult to choose where to go and hard as anything to turn them down but I didn’t want to take on that road in the dark.
We have extremely special memories of that place. Be sure not to take anything but photos and leave nothing but ur footprints, sweat and treats for all the children who shout “How are ewu?” (as everywhere in Oman). Such a teriffic country and people. Must research the geology of the Ghubra Bowl. M

Kia Ora Michael,

Thank you for sharing your story about your visit to Wakan Village, I’m very glad you and your family had a nice time. It is definitely a fantastic place to visit, whether you like to see a bit of the local culture or see beautiful scenery.


I am from Iran. Oman is beautiful country and I would like to visit it. This picture is very wonderful.
thanks for your picture

I heard in the summer,day time is very short in wakan ,i heard the sunrise is at 11:00am ,and the sunset is at 14:30
According to geography it is not right ,
But i want to be sure
Have u seen that in wakan?

Hi Nadi,

That is not true, the sunrise and sunset time in Wakan village is similar to what is in Jabal AKhdar and Nakhal areas, and nothing like 3 hours of daylight like some sites have claimed recently. It is more like 5:25 am sunrise and 7:00 pm sunset.


Hi alimsk,

Can u please confirm the sun rise and sun set timmings over wadi Al Wedan,
As i have heared some stories that sun rises by 11am and sets by 2:30 pm, is it true? Wht is the average sunlight time I can have over there?

Waiting for ur reply out of ur experience.

Thank you

Hi Aftaab,

Although I haven’t been there recently, I can confirm that the reported the sunrise and sunset time in Wakan village reported recently by some websites it not true. The place sees similar day light hours to nearby areas in Jabal AKhdar and Nakhal, somewhere around 5:25 am sunrise and 7:00 pm sunset.


That is not correct fahim, sunrise and sunset times are comparable to nearby areas, and daylight hours are certainly not only 4 hours.

No Rukhsana, sunrise and sunset times are comparable to nearby areas, around 5:25am sunrise to 7:00pm sunset 🙂

Bud wonderful job, much appreciated. I have been in this country for more than 30 years and have visited almost all places but never heard of Wekan. Thanks to you, oh yeah and the pictures and comments were really beautiful and helpful. great stuff keep showing us the hidden treasures of this most beautiful country that we all love and call the Sultanate of Oman.
God bless the country and its citizens. u guys are amazing.

Hi Suresh,

Thank you for the kind words, I certainly hope you get to visit Wakan some time. It is an amazing place.

Best regards,

Amazing place of the world….Masha Allah…..

Wakan temparature?

Day timing length and night timing length plz

Hi Mumthaz,

I haven’t been there at this time of the year but temperatures should be comparable to Jabal Akhdar, so probably in the mid-to-late 20s Celsius. Nice enough to visit in the summer for sure 🙂

As for daylight hours, it is probably 5:25 am sunrise and 7:00 pm sunset.


Hi bakir,

Sunrise is probably 5:25 am and sunset 7:00 pm, similar to nearby areas 🙂



We are planning on ongoing to wakan village for Eid holidays.
Can anyone tell me if camping is allowed or if there are any small hotels or cottages there ?

Hai..i am ubaithullah working in muscat.i wanna go to wakan…but i dont have vehicle…shall u please add me at part of your journey…

Hi Bro. Thanks for expressing your trip in details. I would like to ask from you that I have KIA Sportage (4WD), however its manual gears are not working and only 4WD is working fine, can I be able to reach the Wakan by my car?

Hi Syed,

I believe you should be fine going with an AWD, it just depends on how comfortable you are driving your car up a windy and narrow gravel road as there might be spots where you may hit the bottom if the car is not high enough.

Hope that helps.

Hi Ali..excellent snaps brother..

As I have been visited Wakan during August with my friends and we had enjoyed the view of grapes cultivation..Now I am planning to visit Wakan with my family with small kids. So is it worth to visit Wakan during 2nd week of this December ?.

Thanks Fiyaz!

Depends on what you see I guess, but I think it is worth visiting Wakan any time of the year. I was there a couple of weeks ago, and even though there weren’t any signs of cultivation it was still great to be there especially with the wonderful weather 🙂


Salam Alimsk,
A friend sent me a video clip in which its claimed that in this village fasting is only for 3 hours . Hard to believe ! Please clarify as it will be ideal place for people to fast there( if accommdation is available) particulary for those who cant fast long hours .

Salam Alameri,

I indeed saw the video as well, some beautiful shots of Wakan village but I honestly have no idea how they come to these conclusions. Sunrise and sunset times are indeed affected by changes of elevation, but its a factor of minutes only even if you’re in a plane (see this link). Wakan village is about 2,000m above sea level so there is no way the sunrise & sunset timings are noticeably different to nearby areas.

I believe the video clip is confusing sunset and sunrise times to their visibility at the location, i.e. you may not see them due to cloud coverage or surrounding mountains. I am not aware of anyone considering those estimates to use for fasting hours 🙂

I hope this gives some clarification,



Is it possible find stay with ambience of tradition omani home and culture with location bit adventures for campfires etc

hi sir

I want to go WAKAN in Eid 25 JUN 2017 I want ask about this time to go WAKAN or no


grateful to pls advise if the Valley is worth visiting during June, and along with kids age 7 and 3. Pls also advise if Armada will be sufficient to cater the mountains steep owing to 4WD is required.

We are also traveling with friends having 2WD, is it advisable to go along or to upgrade to 4WD.

Further, pls help advising suitable place to stay overnight there in Wakan or close-by community.

Thanks a million in advance.

We are planning to visit Wakkan Village during Eid Holidays – 1st week of September.
Is this a good time to visit here? How much would be the temperature?
Are there any accommodation facility here?
Is it safe to camp here with our tents?

Looking forward to valuable responses.

Is the road to wikan really scary and cliff hanging as one of the message above. I really want to go there with my family but not sure if the place deserves takibg such risk. Please guide.

Hi Mohammed,
The road is indeed narrow and the cliffs can be tricky if you’re not used to driving on mountain roads. However, all things considered, I believe risk is not high if you ensure you’re staying alert and following the road – it is still wide enough for a drive up.

If you are not comfortable driving in these conditions, I suggest you either go with a group that have been before, or getting a guide or something. You can email me if you’d like more details about guides etc.



I am staying in Sohar for business and I have a couple of days off till the next business week. I would like to visit Wakan village but don’t know how far it is from Sohar, what transportation to use (I have no car) and if this is a good time of year to make the hike. Also, if is far, any other suggestions for other hiking paths closer and the needed transportation? Any recommendations for things to do in Sohar is appreciated

Hi Laila,

Although the ‘blooming’ flowers don’t occur until March, the weather is quite pleasant now that I am sure it will be a pleasant time to visit Wakan. It will take you over 2.5 hrs driving to get there from Sohar. There is still lots of cool stuff to do in Sohar, from the Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Sohar (which you can find in our blog), to the market and the sea-front; however, I have not explored the area around it enough to be able to recommend other outdoor activities I’m afraid.

To visit Wakan from Sohar, you can try hiring a private car & driver to take you there, although I assume the cost will be quite high! If you need any specific help with planning travel across Oman, feel free to email me.



I assume March-April will be one of the most favorable times to visit, so you can see the flowers blooming. Winter time must be also a good time to visit with low temperatures making it more comfortable being outdoors.


Hi Melvin,

The drive up to Wakan village is quite a rough & uphill off-road section that requires a 4WD car; you may be able to drive up there with your car, but I wouldn’t recommend it as there might either be parts you can’t drive through, or damage the car by hitting the bottom.


hi Ali
i am just looking at a place to do my last trip of the season to Oman
Q. plan to drive from Barka towards Wakan village by the 15/16 march 2018
any possible camping areas near by WAKAN village
btw thank you very much for all your posts
this season i did jabel shams / balcony walk / wadi gul Jabel Akdhar awsome

Hi Kapila!

You are welcome, I am happy to hear that 🙂

To be hones that is something I was questioning myself a few weeks ago for a trip, and on initial impressions I did not like any of the spots that looked viable – the easiest being just off the road that leads you to Wakan (just to the right where there is a small wadi).

Perhaps if you do a bit of off-road driving from the asphalt road, you can get a bit deeper but it might still be too close to the road so it’s not ideal. Another option is to take an off-road a bit before reaching Wakan, perhaps well before the ‘Wadi Mistal school’. For my trip, I decided to continue driving and camp at Wadi Bani Awf instead!

Hope that helps!


Hi Sameer,
There are no suitable places in the village for camping, as it is mostly the homes and farms of the villagers. You could try camping down just off the road near the wadi, or if you feel like toughing it out, there are some spots on the mountain side overlooking the villages and canyon, but that will be a tough trek while carrying your things!

Hope that helps,

Dear Ali, Really appreciate your response, any possibility of camping on the summit
at the observation tower after climbing 700 steps.

Hmm thing is, you have to get away from the village to camp and going beyond the steps there is no suitable place until you actually ascend the mountain. Have a look at my article on “Wakan Hadash trail” to have an idea where I mean.

Please also take note that of the signpost at the end of the stairs where it designates certain areas where no campfire is allowed!

Hope that makes sense 🙂

Hi Subi,
There are no 4WD taxis that I am aware of, but you could hire a driver to take you there. Drop me an email and I may be able to arrange that for you.


Hello Ali good morning.can u arrange for a driver who can take us to the village. We have a saloon car. We will reach by our own car

Hi, Thanks for your informations. Am really interested to visit wakan in this week, but my car is Nissan Xtrail- not a four wheel drive Suv. Is it possible to go with my car? Please help

Hi Kuku,

I really can’t tell as it ultimately depends on how confident you are with pushing your car. Personally speaking, I would not go except with a 4WD. The Xtrail could probably make it, but you may get bumps in the bottom of the car and there could be some uphill spots that you will struggle to climb up (this not only affects you but may also cause issue or danger to other drivers on the road).


Not really, you need to plan it in advance. I can probably find contacts who may take you up for a fee, but it’ll be in the 50+ OMR range.

I don’t know the Xtrail car well, maybe if you know how to drive it and comfortable on steep hills it is still OK – but really it’s not something I like to encourage because I now often see lots of people taking smaller cars on these roads which may be OK, but it slows down road and I don’t want to think what will happen if they get stuck in those narrow roads!

No you can’t find them there, you need to plan it in advance by trying to get a driver to take you up. I can probably find contacts who may take you up for a fee, but it’ll be in the 50+ OMR range (email me the date and we can take it from there), but cost of renting a 4WD is probably about the same.

I don’t know the Xtrail car well, maybe if you know how to drive it and comfortable on steep hills it may be OK – but really it’s not something I like to encourage because I now often see lots of people taking smaller cars on these roads which may be OK, but it slows down road and I don’t want to think what will happen if they get stuck in those narrow roads!

Hope that makes sense 🙂

We have one jeep also. So is better to make two trips. Actually how long it will take to reach up ? It’s safe to park our car down area?

With Jeep you won’t have a problem 🙂 yes it’s safe, there are some flat areas next to the road before the village that you could leave your car at.

The drive should take 25-30 mins

Can you arrange for driver and guide to take is to Wakan Village? can you please send your email address or mobile number to arrange for the trip?

It looks like the road is paved two-lanes almost the entire way now – how is the condition of the remaining 2 kms or so? We’ll be visiting in February and Wakan seems like a great stop on our Rustaq Nakhl loop itinerary.


Hi Andy,
I actually haven’t visited Wakan in over a year, so I am not sure how much it has changed since my last visit. But the two-lane highway connecting Nakhal to Al Rustaq is indeed almost complete, but from my last visit to the area (late Dec-2019), it was still not ready past Nakhal.

Visiting Wakan now will be fantastic, as it should be the apricot flowers blooming period (maybe with the recent rains it will be a different different, but I’m sure it will be lovely) 🙂


I am copying response to another comment below on this:

“I am not sure where the article got its facts from. Wakan is a mountain village and about 2,000m above sea level, so sunrise and sunset times will indeed affected by changes of elevation, but its a factor of minutes only and definitely not 3 hours of fasting!

I am not aware of anyone considering those estimates to use for fasting hours.

Hope this helps”

Hi..I am Kalpesh from Al khuwair, Muscat…Can I plan wakan village with other tourist destinations like wadi shab or any else?..Is it possible to travel with in a day if plan more than one places? How much will it cost for travel from al khuwair and back?..We are 3 people..Thanks!

Hi Kalpesh,

Information is changing rapidly for me to advise you regarding this, so best to refer to official sources and Supreme Committee announcements. For tour information, it is best if you email and I will be happy to provide you info and cost.

Best regards,

Hai, I am planning for a visit to Wakkan this coming friday.
Can you arrange someone to pick us at the start of the steep trail. I have a suzuki grand vitara.
And how much will it be charged to guide us up and drop us back to the paved road.

Please how does the people of the town gets electricity supply??? Do they generate it themselves or get a supply from neighboring towns?

This should not be noticeably different than other parts of the area and indeed of Oman. For Ramadan 2022, it should be close to average around Oman (~13-14 hours).

hello I’m from Syria, can i live in this beautiful place & how much it’ll cost me, guess i have to visit first then decide.

Glad and am willing to visit this beautiful and excited place
But am ao far away from it
I wished one day I be able to visit
Insha Allah

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