Al Khor Mosque

Al-Khor Mosque (مسجد الخور) is one of the oldest and most beautiful mosques in Oman, nobody knows the exact year in which this exquisite mosque was originally built, but it was once known as Masjid Al-Shuhadaa, or the Mosque of Martyrs, for the tens of funeral prayers delivered at this mosque for the Omanis who died to out-throw the Portuguese when they attempted to invade Oman between the 17th and 18th centuries. Al-Khor Mosque is located right next to Al-Alam Palace from the seaside of the Palace.

Today the official name of Al-Khor Mosque is driven from the name of the inland gulfs of water resulting from the tidal waves crashing at the rocky coast of Muscat. Al-Khor Mosque is also commonly known for being the Family Mosque as senior members of the royal family of Oman are known to pray in it.

Al-Khor Mosque was renovated times over by different Sultans, most recently in the year 1980 by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. Al-Khor Mosque is unique in its extensive use of tinted glass that makes most of its outer walls and which are complemented by white marble, blue and brown tiles, and golden scripts of the Holy Quran. The inside of the mosque beautifully showcases the artistry of the tinted glass during day time. The ceiling of the mosque is made up of Arabic calligraphy of the ninety-nine divine names of Allah, each encrusted in the color of gold over a square tile of blue and white. The centerpiece crystal chandelier of the mosque is minimal and smoothly descends in the middle of the main prayer hall. Interestingly, the Al-Khor Mosque does not have a central upper dome seen in the majority of mosques in Oman.

Al-Khor Mosque is one of these easily missed beautiful landmarks of Old Muscat which can make up for a peaceful conclusion to a tour near Al-Alam Palace. The Mosque is located behind Al-Alam Palace and near Al-Mirani Fort. To get to the mosque you must drive through the old gate going towards the Omani French Museum and continue down the street to see the mosque on the left side of the road.

Al-Khor Mosque is open to non-Muslims between 8am and 11am from Saturday to Wednesday. Just like the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, visitors of the mosque must dress conservatively, women cannot show their arms, hair, or legs inside the mosque.

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