COVID-19 Travel Info

COVID-19 Updates: Oman Travel Restrictions

This article is part of our coverage on COVID-19 updates and travel restrictions in Oman, please check the main page for latest updates as the information below may already be superseded.

Oman’s Supreme Committee on combating Corona Virus issued the following new measures on 18 March 2020:

  1. Only Omanis allowed entry to Oman, and no Omanis allowed to exit the country
  2. Closure of all mosques, except for raising the call to prayers. 
  3. Closure of all non-Muslim places of worship
  4. All gatherings, events, and conferences suspended
  5. Closed of all tourist sites. In addition, gatherings in public places is to be prevented (including beaches, outdoor areas, wadis, mountains, sand dunes, waterfalls and springs). (OT Note: I am not sure if this means that you are not even allowed to go hiking, whether you’re going in small groups or by yourself! I am trying to find out myself).
  6. Closure of all shops in commercial centers (assumed to be malls), with exception of food and consumer good stores, clinics, pharmacies and optical stores.
  7. Closure of all traditional markets (e.g. Souq MuttrahSouq NizwaSouq Rustaq and Souq Sinaw). In addition to stopping all local markets (e.g. Wednesday Markets, Thursday Markets and Friday Markets).
  8. No food to be served in local restaurants and cafe, including those inside hotels. Take-outs are allowed.
  9. Closure of all sports and cultural clubs.
  10. Closure of all gyms and health clubs, as well as barber shops and beauty saloons.