The National Museum of Oman

The National Museum (المتحف الوطني) is located in Old Muscat directly opposite of Al-Alam Palace. If you have time to visit only one museum on your visit to Muscat, there is no question about this being the one and only museum that you must visit.

The National Museum is a state of the art museum that was opened in 2016. It is a comprehensive museum about the history, culture, and tangible and intangible Omani culture. The museum is masterfully curated with a collection of actual Omani antiquities as well as custom made models of castles and significant landmarks. The scale of the museum is not overwhelming and can be enjoyed over a two-hour visit.

In addition to the actual exhibits on display, the building of the museum itself is an attraction to see as it faces the Al-Alam Palace and seamlessly integrates with the surrounding buildings. The interior of the museum is full of small details including a gallery built as a replica of the towers of the Al-Hazm Castle.

The museum also has a small gift shop and an upscale branch of Bait Al-Luban restaurant, a fusion Omani restaurant that should not be missed.

The museum is open form 10am to 5pm from Saturday and Thursday, and is open from 2pm to 6pm on Friday. Standard tickets for tourists is 5 Rial Omani, with special concession for nationals (1 Rial Omani) and residents (2 Rial Omani). Make sure you check the website of the National Museum to verify these details for any changes before you visit.

How to get to the National Museum

The National Museum is located in Old Muscat opposite Al Alam Palace.

The National Museum Gallery

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