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Covid-19 Updates: PCR Tests No Longer Required for Vaccinated Travelers!

This article is part of our coverage on COVID-19 updates and travel restrictions in Oman, please check the main page for latest updates as the information below may already be superseded.

Great news for all looking to travel to Oman! As of 1 March 2022, travelers to Oman who have two doses of approved vaccine (please check here for list of approved Covid-19 vaccines in Oman) are allowed to enter Oman without requiring a PCR test!

The new decisions were announced on 28 February 2022 by Oman’s Supreme Committee tasked with combating spread of Covid-19, and also include:

  • Wearing of face masks is now mandatory only in closed spaces
  • Hotel establishments may now operate up to 100% capacity

This is great news for the tourism and travel sector, and everyone looking to travel to Oman. So if you were contemplating a trip to Oman, now you have fewer things to worry about.. so go ahead and book your flight!

Official announcement in Arabic from the @OmanVSCOvid19 twitter account. There is no official announcement in English yet.